Who is the Best Vendor of Outdoor Solar Lighting?


If you type the words “buy outdoor solar lights” into Google you will get almost 250 million search results. This leaves the obvious question – who is the best vendor of these lights? When it comes to buying outdoor solar lighting many people will make their purchase based on cost. Whether or not you are on a budget you want to invest in lighting that lasts, and buying the cheapest lights that you can find is a sure way to throw away your money. The best way to make this important investment is to choose your vendor carefully – a good vendor will insist on the highest quality outdoor solar lights. So how can you find the best vendor? Here is what to look for:

  • The manufacturers

There are some manufacturers who are known for the high quality of solar lighting that they provide. These include GardenBliss, Moonrays, Cinoton, Voona, Gigalumi, Plow & Hearth, Hosus, Polepal, Gama Sonic and a few others. If a vendor stocks solar lights only from top manufacturers you can expect that whatever you buy from them will last a long time. Mind you, when it comes to solar lighting the quality of the installation has a direct influence on how long the light will last, so make sure that you get yours installed by a solar expert.

  • The reputation

Before you buy lights from a vendor it is important to look into their reputation. You can look on review websites like Yelp, Google+ and even the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been complaints about them in the past. The way a vendor deals with a complaint is also important. The best ones take steps to address the issue and make sure that the customer walks away satisfied.

  • Installation and maintenance

If you are buying more than one or two solar lights you should be looking for a vendor who can provide installation and maintenance, or who can point you to a company that can. Get a warranty for your purchase, and if they do the installation make sure that you get a warranty for that too.

  • Price

True, it is never a good idea to buy the cheapest outdoor solar lights that you can find, but this doesn’t mean that you should go for the most expensive without doing your homework. You may find that a light is very expensive, but compared to cheaper models it doesn’t do as well. When it comes to pricing you should always compare output and durability with price if you want to get value for money.


It is very important to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable vendor, especially if you choose to buy your outdoor lighting online. The delivery should be made on time and it should be properly packaged to avoid breakage during shipping. They should also have an efficient and responsive customer service desk.