Higher Pulse Poker Real Money Release

High Pulse Poker is among the best appealing poker rooms on the web. It has a gorgeous style and comfy software. People responsible for High Pulse Poker were an integral component of PokerChamps that was offered to Betfair in 2005. High Pulse Poker is a new poker room. It remains in the beta period right now. However, all field tests may be completed very, soon. It may open up real cash games on the 15 of Nov 2011.

Beginning of real money games may be a major tournament in the poker world since most new poker rooms come from poker networks. However, this room is individual. Poker rooms from connections provide nearly the same solutions and players need to play in identical poker rooms. You may locate only 2 or 3 independent spaces on the web. High Pulse Poker is most likely to turn into one of the best attractive private rooms. It may alter the world of poker and will carry poker revolution.

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High Pulse Poker is reined by Henrik Olsen. Mr. Olsen is a creator of – Home of Gus Hansen. He has a ton of expertise in poker establish. Just take a look at uncommon “Beta” screening of the room. Players had the ability to dip into High Pulse Agen poker throughout “Beta” period however they did not bet free. They gained a unique “Beta” currency. Many of players have $ 200 – $ 400 in “beta” cash. Just picture: regarding $ 750 000 Beta Payouts may be transformed to real money right after Real Money Introduce.

Higher Pulse Poker Real Money Release

All players who participated in the field test will have the ability to start playing poker with no deposits. Real Money Launch is a major step for the business. That’s why Higher Pulse Poker chose to make a shock for all of the players. Five $ 2000 RML freerolls will be kept right after the room starts genuine money games. Everybody may gain a ticket and take part in this great promotion.

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