Canon Rebel T2i Vs. Canon EOS 50D

Have you been attempting to make a decision concerning a digital SLR for individual usage? It can obtain complex, ideal? What regarding the distinction in between Canon’s latest go crazy, the Rebel T2i vs. EOS 50D? Allows begin with cost, even if that is an excellent beginning location. Apples to apples – body, you can obtain the Canon Rebel T2i for around $125 much less than a Canon EOS 50D. In fact, because the intro of the Canon EOS 7D, the cost of the 50D has boiled down considerably, yet remain tuned for the “remainder of the tale.”

Despite the fact that the Canon Rebel T2i is promoted as a “beginning” digital SLR, the functions are competing and also go beyond the 50D in a number of locations. It is the type of hard to think about the T2i as a camera for newbies in the SLR digital photography market. There are numerous progressed photos that are obtaining one for a back-up to their greater end version.

Video clip

Canon Rebel T2i Vs. Canon EOS 50D

This attribute is entirely doing not have on the 50D. And also the T2i has boosted substantially over its older brother or sister. The video clip is quite darn great, although it is not rather as good as a devoted camera. However, it is a benefit to have both still and video clip in the very same camera.

Resolution – The Canon Rebel T2i is a complete 3-megapixel greater than the EOS 50D. The photo high quality is enhancing too, contrasted to older Rebel versions. To know more information click this site

Direct exposure Settlement – The Canon Rebel T2i sporting activities a +/ -5.0 periods while the EOS 50D can variety +/ -2.0 quits.

Area Metering – The Canon 50D has 35-factor evaluative metering which is okay. However, the T2i has a brand-new 63-factor evaluative system.